Window blinds complement a window in terms of functionality. Regardless of the type you choose, they will provide you with reliable sun protection.
Blinds will also keep your home cool during the summer.



Interior blinds

Interior blinds are a practical solution and provide elegance and harmony to your home. Vertical blinds are an excellent choice for both your office and home. They provide elegance in your office and are cosy enough for your home. Our vertical blinds are available in a wide variety of materials: not only textile fabrics, but also aluminium and PVC for 100% room darkening. We offer four types of headrail mechanisms for mounting blinds to the window, to the wall with support brackets or to the ceiling. Each customer can choose the type of installation and method for opening according to his needs and desires. There are following options for opening window blinds: to the left, to the right and in both directions or in the middle. Horizontal blinds are made of aluminium with slat width 16mm or 25 mm. The variety of colours and fabrics would satisfy everyone. The control system is of high quality and ensures many years of trouble free operation. The blinds can be installed not only on the window, but also on the ceiling, on the wall and even between the glass of wood windows. The installation of the blinds to aluminium or PVC windows does not affect the integrity of the window chamber. Horizontal blinds are the most commonly used sun protection product due to their reliability and practicality. Thanks to the impressive number of colours, models and features, the ability to regulate the light as well as visibility and their ease of use, horizontal blinds have become an essential element in every house and office in terms of functionality and design.



External blinds

Façade blinds for sun protection and room darkening. They consist of a standard element including slats of alloyed aluminium, guide rails or cords for adjusting and controlling. External blinds can be installed on rectangular and triangular windows.


They can be adjusted by rotating and lifting the slats which allows the regulation of incoming heat and light into the building. External blinds are controlled from the inside - manually using a crank or by electric motorization. In addition the electric motorization allows full automation and centralized control of blinds - not only for individual, but also for grouped control in each building for saving energy. Blinds can also be controlled individually and grouped together in banks up to three.

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